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Dream infection>
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37, Female, United States


Being infected by vivid lucid dreams.

So real,so interactive.
Reading as an ability in them.
As well as touch and smell.

90% of them are from the ancients.
Ones like us.
But more pure in the bloodlines.
From the dark,but yet moved to
save lives and let live.

I just wonder..after all these dreams.
If they are coming.
And if they are....when?
Of course I know how.

Why do I get to have these dreams,
Links to them.
I don't feel as if im important enough.
But..to them all like them are.

I wonder If I'm alone in this.
I want answers..I want to learn,
and grow.
Under the wings of darkness,
by our vampire mothers and fathers.

So close,yet so far away.
04 March 2017 04:37 AM

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I can hear them sing the songs of death to others,yet some of the songs for me..is more of a welcome and you are watched and needed.i feel as-if these song are for others as well.I wonder who else hears them.
04 March 2017 04:41 AM

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