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37, Female, United States


So, this chick on Word Press (Sheri Berk aka is a former friend who proved on a massive scale she has no morals, no conscience, nor the concept of proper behavior. Since she insists on writing vague blogs referring to me and tell half-truths on a public forum, why not do the same in turn. Below is the latest saga of this mentally deranged individual who can not hold down a job or relevant relationships. She has been diagnosed with several mental issues including mania, bipolar disorder, and others to which she proves evident on a daily basis and yet, somehow, denies the existence of any such issues.
So, for pure shits and giggles, seeing as she has to hide behind a computer screen and continue to be the two-faced, petty little girl she will forever be, I figured I壇 post her latest rants and my response to them here and on everyone one of my blog and social media sites for the entire world to see. Enjoy the insanity!!


I致e seen a version of this video before, and I知 posting it again to remind myself that dogs are genuine in pursuit of what motivates them. There is a simplicity to that focus which I admire. The definition of success is relative.
To remind myself, I reread a message I致e saved from a person in my life who has 澱locked me after she sent me a four page 斗egal document regarding what I needed to do to save myself and our friendship. When she contacted me, I reminded her she had specifically designated a no contact 田lause in her demands. She replied with a hateful message that reinforced to me that a version of the 的ris Law of Predators was in effect. Someday I値l post her 田ontract, probably not. That would be spiteful. Pillar of salt time. (nod to Steven, who reminded me of the dangers of looking back.)
* 典he Iris Law of Predators states, in part, that predators have an uncanny ability to pick up on a person痴 vulnerabilities and to emotionally or otherwise exploit their target. I知 paraphrasing poorly. I値l get it verbatim at some point. My friends are eminently quotable. *
My life is complicated and I知 often very sad. But I can reach out and take a breath at times and see beauty and wonder in the world. This woman痴 words have their place. As a reminder. But I don稚 have to be as she has defined me, the way she has filtered her perception of who I am.
I need to refocus on 途unning my own race. Running metaphors are good for me, as I致e always been a mid pack runner and my physical limitations are a constant reminder to me.
Oh. And for the golden, it痴 not the number of toys, it痴 the vast array of treats to sample and enjoy, to visit, to move on.
I keep forgetting in my desire to feel less (sorry for the pun) hounded by people, I知 falling into the trap of running away from experiences. I知 not talking about the endless barrage of people who attempt to engage me about their love of dogs. I知 not talking about the people who tell me how cute my 鍍herapy dog is, regale me with stories of animal rescue, their autistic grand-daughter.
My service dog is working for me, not for the entertainment of every person who feels compelled to distract him or question the validity of his work. Right now I need the boundaries he creates for me, the safety he provides for me, the reminder that I have the right to walk away from invasions of my personal being. I am learning not to engage, to walk away.
Maybe in time I値l have more quiet in my soul to give them what they need. But I had forgotten that there is a simple joy in going to a grocery store and making choices about what I want to eat.
I don稚 think it痴 an eating disorder thing. I think it is a human experience, part of being mindful and taking joy in small choices that are mine to make.
I have a safe place to stay; I知 too superstitious to call it home yet. It痴 an awesome feeling. I have always wanted to be a German shepherd. Large, strong, intimidating. I知 not even a Golden. Large, sweet, goofy. I知 just a small dog. Not to everyone痴 liking.
Thank you for choosing to be part of my life. Thank you for supporting me. You apparently defy at least one person痴 rubric for my life. I知 grateful and humbled.
Shari Elizabeth Berk
December 22, 2016
New Jersey
just now
Bloody Black Rose
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
A 斗egal agreement, as you say, would suggest an agreement that would be notarized or drawn up by an attorney. An 殿greement are terms set by two parties with a mutual agreement to said terms. We laid out our terms, you refused to acknowledge those terms. End of story. So, in order to save you from appearing 都piteful, I値l post it here myself.
You contacted us wanting to make amends, but (in your words) couldn稚 remember what the issues were that began the riff. I simply reminded you of your terrible behavior of toward those who have been kind and helpful to you and how YOU choose to repay that kindness.
A little advice to you dear. If you池e going to talk about people and/situations in a public format, you might want to ensure they can come back with evidence that contradicts your half-truths or flat out lies. You have a massive reputation of being a lair, you know?
So, below is the letter in full (and unedited) in its original version.:
As that we have had a few days to process your request to once again be a part of our lives, I have decided to respond. Firstly, let me begin by saying that both Robert and I have thought long and hard over the past year of the harsh things we would say to you if given the opportunity. However, I致e decided that would not be to best way to deal with the matter at hand. What actually changed my mind was a book/television series called Outlander. Nancy was the one who actually turned us on to it one night while having dinner with us, as a matter of fact. In the series there is a young girl who wants the hero of the story for herself. But, he marries the main character, Claire, instead. In a fit of jealousy, the young girl accuses Claire of witchcraft and defames her in court. Later on during the series the two women meet again where the young girl somewhat apologies for her 杜isguided bad behavior. In response Claire says, 的 have fantasized about all the manner of violent acts I would subject you to, all of them ending with lighting the pyre beneath your feet and dancing on your ashes as you promised to dance on mine. I don稚 hate you, Laoghaire. I pity you. The dark places you must have inhabited in the hopes of getting something you値l never have.
This scene resonated quite loudly with us. As that it seemed eerily similar to the situation between you and us. Your own 杜isguided behavior and acts against me were not as dramatic as witchcraft, but given the time of the story (mid-18th century) it is very close. And, like Claire we have thought about and discussed all manner of terrible retribution against you if given the chance. But, once again, it seems, cooler heads prevail.
You say 的知 not exactly sure what went down between us. So, I have placed them below to refresh your memory.
1) The first difference in your behavior we noticed was that as soon as Robert & I announced to you that we were seeing each other you began avoiding us and refusing invitations to come over. Up to that point for the previous two years you were in my house almost every other day.
2) The next thing we noticed was when you did finally come over, you were short with me, distant and indecisive. The following day I called you to see if you feeling any better and you were, again, very short with me and verbally abusive. When I pointed out your behavior and stated there was absolutely no reason for you to be speaking with me in such a manner, you backed off and apologized. I thought perhaps you were having a bad week or something and dismissed the behavior.
3) Afterwards, we invited you several times to where you either declined or said you would come over, never showed and flaked out all together without even bothering to call.
4) The next time you did actually come over was when we introduced you to Kenny. Robert came up with the idea of putting you two together in hopes of making a match. I agreed with him and talked up Kenny to you in hopes of doing the same. It seemed you two were getting along and you even spent the night. The next day you told me how happy you were that we introduced the two of you and how much you claimed to love me for all I壇 done for you.
5) However, this is where everything changed. The very next day after you left my house your attitude and behavior towards me pulled a complete 180. You wouldn稚 answer your phone when I called until that evening when you were being completely belligerent and inappropriate toward me. And, even warning me that I needed to be very careful with what I say to you. That was definitely a threat.
6) Kenny called us later on and told us everything you two had talked about. As that there are no secrets in this family, he told us how you said that he and Robert should be wary of me because, according to you, I sleep with every man I meet. Bold statement for someone who had only known me for two years. And, also for someone who was kicked out of another friend痴 home for a time for (as she stated) having sex with some 20-something in her bed. Coincidently enough, I致e known Kenny, his ex-wife, James (another friend of ours), his wife, and many others of our group since 2002 when we all worked together at Books-A-Million. That痴 a total of 14 years. Kenny and I both agreed that had anything were to happen between he & I, it would have happened years ago before he and his now ex-wife married.
7) You also told Kenny you were going to Social Services and HUD to tell them Robert is living here. Obviously, this was all in hopes of cutting off my SNAP benefits and losing my home as that there could be no other possible outcome. However, what you refused to think about in making such a maliciously threatening statement were the two children who depended on SNAP to be fed and HUD to have a roof over their heads. That was the main thing that royally pissed off Robert, as well as myself.
8) Then you proceeded to try to convince Kenny that I was only using Robert to get to him. And stated that I was 適eeping Robert around in order to get to Kenny, for his VA benefits, because I, in your words, wanted him to take care of me and my children.
9) Throughout the rest of this past year you have never offered an apology your terrible behavior, but only continued to spread lies and defamation. You also continued to message Robert every so often for something you wanted and becoming angry and belligerent when he refused to respond, once again, making offensive remarks towards me in one angry text. All the while angering him even further. You absolutely refused to take any responsibility for yourself, your actions or behavior towards those who have done nothing to deserve such abuse and betrayal.
For two years you were invited into my home and family, freely given countless meals, a place of peaceful retreat and treated with love and respect to which you responded with jealousy, pettiness, defamation, cruelty, malice and total betrayal of all you claimed to be and stand for.
You truly must ask yourself if it was all worth it. I would certainly say not.
And, now you wish to apologize and rebuild the bridge you so viciously and maliciously burned to the ground. Well, that is the big question, isn稚 it? Should we really allow someone who betrayed us so completely and viciously and who, until now, has been without any remorse whatsoever back into our lives?
I can say that trust has always been a huge issue for me. When someone has burned me to the core as you have I usually don稚 let them back into my life. My biological father is a great example of this. I have not spoken to him in over 10 years and I absolutely intend on keeping it that way. He has shown his true character more times than I can count and I will not allow my children to suffer in the same manner at the hands of him as I致e had to do.
I will put it to you this way. This will only work if you are absolutely serious and are strong enough to put in the intensely hard work it will take in order to earn back any ounce of trust from us. I can tell you now that things cannot go back to as they once were. Because of this we will always be wary of you.
As far as Robert is concerned, his anger and rage towards you runs very deep. And, it is extremely rare that he forgives someone who has so deeply betrayed him and his family as you have. He is extremely protective of those he loves. So, as for that, I cannot say if he will ever forgive you. That is up to him. And, just for the record so you aren稚 confused again, I nor anyone else can tell Robert what to do, think or say. He is his own man and does as he pleases. He will decide for himself how he wants to deal with you or even if he wants to deal with you at all.
You are right in saying trust is something that has to be earned. And, to us, trust, honor and respect is absolutely everything. We know all of each other痴 deepest darkest secrets in graphic detail. There is nothing we do not know of one another and, therefore, we will not tolerate any decent or scheme to undermine to the other. There isn稚 anyone or anything that will ever come between us. And, if someone does, we will always stand united as a single pack. So, I say this as a cautionary warning to you. Don稚 even try it. Because, if you haven稚 figured it out by now, when you play with fire, you will be burned.
So, this is the deal. If you wish to get back into our good graces, you will accept and do the following.
1) Publicly apologize to Robert, me, our children, Kenny and all whom you致e lied to during this unfortunate display of childish behavior. In other words, own up to your mistakes by taking full responsibility for yourself and actions.
2) Find means of making amends without gaining anything for yourself.
3) Learn and apply the lessons you have learned from this incident in your everyday life and ways of dealing with people.
Doing these things will slowly start the process of redemption and finding your way back to life.
If, however, you cannot agree to these terms, remove yourself from all aspects of our lives and never again attempt to insert yourself into our lives again. This includes, but not limited to phone calls, social media, text messaging, etc.
Marie Shafer
I have read and agree with what my wife has said. Thus said I am very angry with what you have done. I have accepted your friend request in Tastecook but you still need to do the things in this document before I can even start to trust you again. I also want a heartfelt apology from you for the text you sent me after all of this started, then and maybe then we can start rebuilding our friendship back to where it was.
Robert Shafer
23 December 2016 06:55 PM

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