BLKdragon : Dark haunted kisses to you,my evil teddy bear.<3.    saajix : hi i'm not new but i'm doing a Q and A, looking for friends.    rolandblackthorne : I've been thinking about you all day BLKdragon... wish I could get to Ohio right now.    
WEIRDNESS!!!! Amatinehystaphine!! AMATINEHYSTAPHINE!!!!!! AMATINEHYSTAPHINE!!!!!!!!! Mahahaaaaaaaaaa

ONLINE - I am Available

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    chatting on the internet,going shopping at various unusual places,such as Hot Topic,Spencers,Journeys ect..I have a Ouija board,and tarot cards,Which i use at times..I like dragons alot! as well vampires,wizards,fairies,werew olves ect...I love! watching vampire movies,mystery,mystical movies ect..I have some mystical type jeelry i wear..

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    I live in NC too, thanks for the profile visit Social Network Community For Vampires Goths & Humans