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    Thirty-seven year old-school death rocker(what we were called before the term Goth was coined). Into art, philosophy, perception, and music. I am a introverted crypto freak.
    Enjoys walking among the ruins and capturing them in word or on film. My art is about decontextualizing objects and thought forms. Very old soul whose sadness is a integral part of my being...I would be lost without it.
    I am open to any and all real people, posers need not apply. I am fiercely loyal to those I call freinds/fiends.

    Demented Freaks go to!

    ...fallen Angels,broken Dolls,haunted men,the Lost or Mad,and Gold-hearted Whores and Hooligans...these are the beings that have always populated the realm ov my life...i cherish them all.

    Ghost & Graveyard Graphics


    half-forgotten Gardens ov the Dead,empty Entropic remnants ov Civilisation, Wild lands, and vast anonymous Cities...these are the places i am at home.

    Moon & Witch Comments & Graphics


    Ravens and Coyotes sing in my soul, amidst the music that soundtracks my ever-expanding Moment wherein Time is a fluid pool.

    Gothic Comments


    ...i love, still, everyone i ever have loved...the Universe does as it does,and people do likewise. Fate is often be-masked in an unkind Countenance and Mantle ov Star-like Neutrality, yet i know all will be Well in the end...for it is ov Star that we were made, and our lights will flame in the Void and be seen long after we are dead and be recycled...only Love matters.

    Wished Death

    ...most happily engaged to be engaged to Wished Death, my sweet lilFreak, alien, werewolf, best-for-last Beloved. i really don't care if you understand it or not, for i love her beyond measure.

    Demented Freaks go to!

    as for that GREATER PLAYLIST, ranges from: Classical/Chamber/Chant/Choral /European Folk/Tribal/Tibetan/Raga/Abori ginal/Celtic, to Classic Rock/Blues/Folk/Rockabilly/MoT own/Surf/Hard Rock/Funk/ModPop, to Hardcore Punk/Apolitical OI/Rocksteady/Ska/Antifa!/Acid House/Emo-core/Heavy Metal, SpeedMetal/DeathMetal/ Thrash/ Surfcore/ Skatecore, to New-wave/NoWave/Darkwave/Coldw ave/ArtDamage/Gothic Rock/Noise/Shoegaze/Neofolk/Fo lkPunk/Electroclash/PsyTrance/ Kaberet/Ambient/Grindcore/Blac kmetal/Industrial/NuMetal/Scre amo/TripHop/Dub/Reggae/HorrorC ore/Westside GangstaFunk/LatinDance/Persian Pop/Grunge/Alt-Rock/Mathrock/I ndiePop/Bubblegum/IndieRock/Eu roPop/Brit-Hop...and the blessed Void...silence!

    Demented Freaks go to! is enough to make my poor POSEY's little head spin!LOL

    Demented Freaks go to!

    ...and Lucifer cries at how the gift ov his fall
    is mocked in the minds ov the many...

    Demented Freaks go to!

    Demented Freaks go to!






    Aloof and animalistic, you belong to the Gangrel Clan. Closely associated with werewolves, you are the shapeshifting vampire. You prefer nature than to live in the city and prefer the company of animals than of humans. You are more known to keep to yourself then to help others. You are the lone wolf of the decendents of Caine.

    What Vampire Clan Do You Belong To?

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    Bitebook Sign Bitebook View all Bitebook posts guestbook message vampirica 24 February 2016 07:07 PM
    49, Female, United States
    Happy! Bday!! Hope u have a Great! One,and many more to come.. guestbook message Vampryic_Obsession 24 February 2015 03:15 AM
    31, Female, United States
    Wicked Birthday my long lost friend! Hope you've been well. Have a blessed day! guestbook message Daisy_Dismay 24 February 2014 01:37 PM
    26, Female, Ireland
    Long time no see but a very happy birthday to you! (: guestbook message Daisy_Dismay 24 February 2013 11:31 AM
    26, Female, Ireland
    Ooh the big 4-0 huh? Happy Birthday Sean, hope its a good one (: guestbook message CountessLilith 19 September 2012 10:14 AM
    23, Female, Philippines
    Hey there long time no talk do u still remember me? guestbook message gothicdream 24 February 2012 03:59 PM
    23, Female, United States

    Dragon Comments & Graphics=

    ~Magickal Graphics~

    Happy Birthday, big brother!!!! guestbook message gothicdream 16 December 2011 05:42 PM
    23, Female, United States

    Gothic Comments

    ~Magickal Graphics~

    this one misses you!!! come back!!! :'( guestbook message KerriLaFaerie 27 November 2011 02:41 PM
    23, Female, United Kingdom

    Hope you're okay Sean, missing you alot. And missing speaking to you regularly. Drop me a line when you have a chance guestbook message Martyr1349 22 August 2011 12:18 AM
    28, Male, United States
    Thanks. I hope so. guestbook message Daisy_Dismay 20 July 2011 07:48 PM
    26, Female, Ireland
    I just realized today I don't think I have ever left you a bitebook, so here's something nice (: -
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