BLKdragon : sounds like I'm being released into the wild,in my natural    rolandblackthorne : YAY!!! can finally make plans to relocate Dragon!!.    rolandblackthorne : Delays, delays and more delays,,,,,,,,,,, finally some good news today.    BLKdragon : we are nothing alone. maybe togeather we can become some thing greater..    Svartmaane : May the full moon shine upon us!!!.    rolandblackthorne : I'm sorry I'm worthless....................................    MistressMonsoon666 : I have turn cold...dark...and heartless.....    Zash : All hail the broken king who lies apron his pile of gold.    Zash : Who likes blood?.    rolandblackthorne : She's serious... and i love only HER anyway... so step off.    BLKdragon : if anyone messes with my beloved,in anyway,i will hunt you down,and slit you open.teehee. im crazy..    BLKdragon : Been very upset lately.too much going on.i am so very tired..    Tristesse : Dark Greetings....    Devastator : I do hope you all enjoy your weekend with dark blessings.    Mina_M : Calling all dark souls. Please add me! .    



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  • About Me
    I don't have a name because legally I am not a PERSON and do not wish to represent an entity in this faulty system, see this legal definition of PERSON:

    A man considered according to the rank he holds in society, with all the rights to which the place he holds entitles him, and the duties which it imposes. 1 Bouv. Inst. no. 137. A human being considered as capable of having rights and of being charged with duties; while a “thing” is the object over which rights may be exercised.
    Law Dictionary: What is PERSON? definition of PERSON (Black's Law Dictionary)

    I do not hold a rank in society therefore I am not a person

    I am part of a tribe, yes a real tribe. We are going to abandon this broken system. We are going to build our own system. We will set up a camp in Scotland which is legal under the 'Land Reform Act (2003)'. I really need someone who would be able to get a gun licence so we can hunt deer for food and their leather hides, they're pretty easy to get but for some reason I don't think they'd give me one.. We are pagans, controversy to belief, this is not a religion. We worship the divine spirit of the universe and nature. We currently have 4 members and we are looking to grow. The tribe believes the system is suffering with a severe 'mental disorder' and we are not going down with the disease so we will break away from it before it gets us. They told me i'm the mentally disordered one and call it asperger's syndrome because the doctor thinks he's god, and call their books 'law' and confuse it with the real laws of physics.
    Anyone else want to help? didn't think so..

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