Queenofdarkness1 : i'm looking for a single goth guy thats sexy and has long hair or longer hair. send me a message.    BloodSuckingDemon : looking for friends so hit me up .    BLKdragon : Dark haunted kisses to you,my evil teddy bear.<3.    saajix : hi i'm not new but i'm doing a Q and A, looking for friends.    rolandblackthorne : I've been thinking about you all day BLKdragon... wish I could get to Ohio right now.    


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    Art, animal, music, food, history, book lover. Current college student. I am who I am and I try to not let society define who I am because if I did then I would no longer be who I am. I do believe in the paranormal as I have had a lot of paranormal stuff happen to me. I try not to judge but I am an honest person. I do love the colors of black, purple. red and blue tho black and purple are my favorites. I am an avid gamer and I love horror movies. I love tea and sometimes coffee I do drink not all the time. I do not smoke and most people hate the fact that I never get a hangover, I never get addicted perhaps my will power I honestly don't know lol. I am afraid of the dark due to the fact every time I am alone in the dark something literally tries to attack me so if I am going in the dark you bet it won't be alone other then that I do love the night and the shadows. I also have great friend who's past lives are entwined with my own. I also believe in reincarnation haha I am not "normal" by any means but then again being normal is so overrated. Anyways want to know more feel free and I am just looking for friends as I am with someone currently and I don't cheat been cheated on and know how it feels so I would never do that to anyone.

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